Lyrics: “Herschel Walker”

darlin darlin i can’t stay long. i’m here for one night then i gotta go home.
gotta get back to Louisianan. gotta job interview at the soybean plant.
chorus: ho-my-hepen-my-ho-my-hey. i can’t make a living off what you say.
ho-my-hepen-my-ho-my-ho. i can’t make a living off what you know.
darlin darlin don’t be sad. lets make the best of the time that we’ve had.
i appreciate you keepin me fed. you cook a mighty fine meal. and keep a mighty warm bed.
when i quit my job to play guitar. i never ever dreamt it would get me this far.
cause darlin you so sweet. you the sweetest damn thing that i’ve ever seen.
darlin darlin wish there was a way. i could some how repay.
for whatch you’ve done i can not lie. put some faith in this heart of mine.
the suns comin up. the time has come. i better get gone before your husband gets home.
cows on the range. chickens in the barn. rooster is half asleep. all is quiet on the farm.

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