hush hushHush Hush

A seductive collection of songs about crime and human sexuality, which attempts to understand why good people do bad things. [Compact Disc, Released 2013]

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The Bandcamp edition includes a few things that you can’t find anywhere else. In addition to the original 10 songs in high quality download form, we are releasing an alternate mix of “Bad Blood,” our theatrical remix of “Love the Lonely” (which will be featured in the movie 23 Minutes to Sunrise, out Mid-March on Netflix, Amazon and Red Box) and a bonus version of Paper Flowers Three. Also included are In-studio photos of Kentucky Knife Fight by Nate Burrell (

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Track Listing
1. Paper Flowers Three
2. Bad Blood
3. Misshapen Love
4. Paper Flowers Two
5. Theme for No One
6. Love the Lonely
7. Hush Hush
8. Gunsmoke
9. Father
10. Paper Flowers One

“Misshapen Love” 7″ Vinyl

Our first ever vinyl release, through Throwing Things Records. Including the songs “Misshapen Love” and “Love the Lonely.” Purchase includes free digital downloads of both songs! [Released 2012]

“Misshapen Love”

Recorded & Mixed by David Beeman and Kit Hamon at Native Sound (St. Louis, MO). Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering (Chicago, IL), Additional musicians: Nathan Jatcko (keys), Andy Ament (sax), Zack Dismukes (trumpet) [Released 2012]

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“Love the Lonely”

The brand new single from Kentucky Knife Fight, recorded by David Beeman and Kit Hamon at Native Sound Studios, and mastered by Dan Mehrmann & Miles Vandiver at Jettison Studios. Additional musicians: Nathan Jatcko (keys). [Released 2012]

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We’re All Nameless Here

A consistent collection of songs about love and loss cycling through reverb-drenched blues, aggressive riff rock, alternative-country tinged passages and punk phrasings. [Compact Disc, Released 2010]

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Track Listing

1. No Fault of Mine
2. I Can’t Stand This
3. Dream So Sweet
4. Nameless
5. Same Streets, Same Clothes
6. 6 Months Along
7. Strange Bedfellows
8. Own Damn Good
9. Always a Bribe, Never a Bride
10. Expectations (The Living Man)
11. Snake in the Grass (2005)

The Wolf Crept, The Children Slept

Imagine the Replacements suffering through sweltering Midwestern summer nights instead of cold Minnesota winters, and infused with a little less punk and a little more dirty twang, and you have Edwardsville’s Kentucky Knife Fight. [Compact Disc, Released 2008]

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Track Listing
1. A Rancid Smelling Aphrodisiac
2. Little Sister
3. Sex Crimes
4. West 19
5. Wild Irish Rose
6. Herschel Walker
7. I Don’t Mind (intro)
8. I Don’t Mind
9. South Roxana Wiggle
10. 17
11. Gone Away
12. Got My Heaven
13. Crooked Waltz
14. Outro with Flying Nun

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